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Sabian 22" AA Crash/Ride Cymbal 2944g
Sabian 22" AA Crash/Ride Cymbal 2944g
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Rogers USA 5x14" Wood Dynasonic Snare Drum - BDP

 As many of you know, I have been helping the new owners of Rogers for the past three years on the R&D side for the new wood Dynasonic snare drums. These drums were designed to capture the sonic character of this great drum, and to remain true to the legacy of the Rogers brand. Two of my original wood dynas were used to create the specs for the shells and the hardware. The shell is proprietary to the owners of Rogers and all of the hardware will also be available for the vintage market. So, if your vintage dyna is missing some parts, you will be able to make it complete.

The Rogers shell is a 5 ply construction with reinforcement rings and 45 degree edges. The drums are built out here in the USA and are offered through select dealers via the US distributor.

The Dynasonic snare drum sound comes from a combination of the shell, the interior shell "sealer" coating, and the snare frame mechanism. That snare frame mechanism is different from the typical set of wires you find on snare drums today. It takes a bit of time to understand how it works and how to maximize the potential. To understand this feature, as well as how to tune the drum, I have a video that I created a few years ago that explains it in detail. You should review the video if you aren't familiar with how the dyna works. Here it is: HERE.

The sound of the dyna is unique and wonderful. The sensitivity is superb thanks to the unique snare frame. This frame provides superb sensitivity anywhere on the head without any choking of the drum. Additionally, the shell composition and the 45 degree edges provides excellent clarity and resonance. Lastly, the interior shell coating creates a "sealer" and provides a "purer" sonic chamber. On the earliest version Dynas (pre-1964) the interior coating was fruitwood stain and that is what these drums have. It helps achieve the purity. On the later drums (1964 onward) this was changed to a clear coat lacquer. The idea of clear coat lacquer on the inside of the shell goes all the way back to Billy Gladstone, who used it on his world famous Gladstone snares for the very same reason.

The prototype of the new wood Dynasonic was debuted at the Chicago drum show in May 2017 at my booth. The drum was shown at this show because the Rogers purists would all be in attendance, and that is a hard crowd to please. So, if they were happy then the concept would be considered a success. The folks who played and heard the drum loved it. 

So, does this replace the rare, original wood dynas? No, and that was never the intent. The intent here was to create something that captures the essence of the original drum, and to do so in such a way as to make it affordable to a wider audience of players.

The video referenced at the top of the page shows the protoype drum from the Chicago show. The video was done in our recording studio and was designed to give you a sense for the sound of the drum and the incredible sensitivity. You'll note that the final build-out of the drum varies slightly from the prototype drum in the video in that the badge on the production models is in a different panel, and the production models also have a very thin gasket under the lugs to protect the wrap in the area where the lug presses against the shell. Otherwise, the production drums are identical to the drum in the video. By the way: The idea of the badge being moved over one panel creates another important differentiation factor: It will be impossible to counterfeit. Think about it: The new drum is an exact replica of the old drum, so, given the counterfeit market these days, it would be relatively easy for someone to buy one of the new dynas, rewrap it, add an old vintage badge, and then try to pass it off as an original. People have become VERY skilled at the counterfeit process. They are so good that many people would not be able to tell the difference. By placing the badge in a different panel than on the original drums, the potential counterfeit issue is "stopped in its tracks".

My initial shipment included the earliest serial number drums since we ordered the most drums and ordered them first. All of these drums were pre-sold. I can take orders for you and will get a timeframe estimate for the next shipment. Serial number D1001 is a 6.5x14 (shown here) and D1002 is a 5x14 and those two will remain in my collection. (The first original wood dyna was serial #1001).

The existing drums are white marine pearl. In the future there will be other colors available and those will be introduced by the distributor at that time. Also, a beavertail lug version will also be available in the future. The current production drum uses a replica of the original "B&B' lug. The new B&B lug can NOT crack like the old ones did. The old lugs were drawn brass and had several weak points that caused cracking. The new lug is a cast lug and can not crack.

These new wood Dynas are built-out in California by superb craftsmen. 

Enjoy the video! And, order one for yourself today!



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Rogers USA 5x14" Wood Dynasonic Snare Drum - BDP
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 02 May, 2019.
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