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1. The Curated Vintage Museum Collection

As part of our strategy as we look forward to a post-"stay at home" environment, we are going to be expanding what we will call the "Curated Vintage Museum". This will be located in our IL store in Glendale Heights. The idea is to take key items from my collection and create a display for people to see and enjoy. Here is a sample of the items we will have on display:

5/8: More "sneek peak" pics added below, so scroll down:

Gretsch caddy green 13/16/22/5.5 "Birdland" model 50s with 24k gold hardware.

Roy Haynes's Jazz Showcase Yamaha kit. Brought into the Showcase by Roy and used by him and many others (including Elvin) for years:


Jack DeJohnette's Sonor kit (black with copper hardware) with two page long discography. This will be displayed fully set up at a later date:

The Ludwig 12/14/20 silver sparkle kit used by Harold Jones at the historically significant White House concert during the Kennedy era which marked the first time an integrated band played in the White House. (This kit will eventually go to the National Museum of African American History and Culture):

Ultra rare Ludwig 40s era "Top Hat and Cane" drum set. 9x13, 9x13, 12x14 floor tom, 14x16 floor tom in cradle, 14x26 bass drum:

Art Blakey's 12/14/18 and 7x14 Pearl kit:

Incredible Gretsch kit fashioned after Louie Bellson's late 40s Gretsch set. 20x20 bass drum, 9x13 tom, cocktail drum size 16"x24 deep as a floor tom and 5.5x14 snare:

The cleanest Slingerland copper-over-wood set from my personal collection. Pics soon.

Several examples from my extensive Fibes collection including the rare "shower door" finish and well as many other early kits, snares, and an early prototype snare. Here is my Fibes "shower door" 8x12, 9x13, 9x13, 16x16, 16x16, 16x18, 14x22, 14x22, 5.5x14:

Here is a very early Fibes kit in rare 12/14/18 sizes. This is before Fibes had any of their own leg mounts and tom holders, so they used Ludwig often:

Fibes butcher block 12/13/16/22:

Craviotto drum set #1, 9x13, 16x16, 14x22, 5.5x14 NOS. Never played. Hang tags on:

Craviotto drum set #2 made for me. Pics soon.

Craviotto NOS cherry 9x13, 16x16, 14x22 with large diamond cast lugs. Made specially for me by  Johnny. (Only two sets were made. One for me and the other for Chad Cromwell, famous Nashville/LA session drummer and also ex-Mark Knopfler, Neil Young, and more):

Craviotto 2010 Birdseye Maple 12/14/18/5.5 catalog cover kit:

Craviotto timeless timber birdseye snares including unique one-offs Johnny did for me. 4x14s, 5.5x14s, and the 5.5x14 Timeless Timber birdseye that was given to Joe Morello by me, and built from the last of Johnny's Timeless shells. Here are a few pics. More soon:

Craviotto/AK snares including the first NOB series for which I have serial #1 of the 5.5x14 and 6.5x14, both of which were done in 24k gold hardware with engraved rims. Here's a pic:

Craviotto/AK 10th Anniversary Black Diamond series (only 25 made):

Craviotto 2,750 year old Sequoia snare. (Only two were ever produced):


Several snares from Johnny's SOLID era. A few pics:

Gretsch/Gladstone 7x14 3 way snare with gold plated hardware:

My personal Rogers WMP kit 13/16/16/22/5x14 wood Dyna:

My personal Rogers champagne sparkle unique set that is 12/12/14/18/18/5x14 wood Dyna. Specially orderd kit with double 18" bass drums, two 12" toms, 14 floor and the matching Dyna.


Hinger Touch Tone snare:

The final prototype Dynasonic snare drum from the new Rogers wood Dynas and the first two production drums #1 (5x14) and #2 (6.5x14). Pics soon.

Leedy/Craviotto snares:

Craviotto/Gladstone birdseye maple/gold: Pics soon.

My one-off burgundy sparkle 12/14/18/5.5 Gretch USA Custom with gold hardware:

THE JOHNNY SNARES..... Several unique snares and shells of Johnny's that will be for sale, with proceeds to go to Johnny's family. Pics soon.

Incredibly unique and GREAT sounding 26” A. Zildjian 50s era ride complete with custom made box with Zildjian logo. Pics soon.

And MUCH more, so stay tuned. And, we will also have some of the finest vintage kits and snares for sale as well, such as:

Ludwig Downbeat 12/14/20 BDP: Pics soon.

Ludwig Downbeat 12/14/20/4x14 sky blue. Pics soon.

Radio King 7x14 WMP Aluminum badge 1944:

WFL WMP 13/16/24,Pics soon. and MUCH more......

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