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9/23/23: NEW! Great stave shell drums from 76 Seven Six Drums! We'll have these here in the IL shop and at Fork's. Made by Marc Pagani in his small shop in New Orleans. Info and a sneek look at incoming drums HERE.

Check out these great pics from my recent visit to the Craviotto shop in Nashville: HERE.

9/6/23: It's been awhile since we posted updates! So, fun stuff:

1) We are expanding our Illinois shop. We're taking over an adjoining unit and setting up a special display area for our extensive collection of Craviotto drums and also some of our historically significant sets and snares. With this new addition we'll now have over 12,000sf which includes several showrooms, our recording studio, cymbal lathing, permanent podcast room, performance venue and much more. Stay tuned for more info.

2) Just in: DEAD mint pre-serial number "Joe Morello" style Ludwig silver sparkle 13/16/22 with COB 5x14 pre-serial Supra. This one will stay in our collection for awhile. Same configuration that Joe used with Marian McPartland before he joined Brubeck.

3) Just in: Camco Oaklawn 12/16/20 white moire! See it HERE.

4) Craviotto "Builder's Choice" series is here and we have many available now. See these and all of our Craviotto stock on our Reverb shop Craviotto page HERE.

5) Just in: Unique Ludwig Classic Maple kit from 2019. Rare sizes: 9x13, 15x15, 12x22, matching 6.5x14 snare. One-off in Turquoise Oyster, which is a color that was never issued and only used for this kit. This set is from the 2019 Chicago Drum Show and was outfitted with the Ludwig Atlas mounts for cymbals, tom and spurs. New Old Stock condition. See it HERE.

6) Just in. Incredible Slingerland 12/14/20 in walnut lacquer with 5x14 COB snare and all stands and pedals. Catalog perfect kit. See the kit and my video HERE.

8/13/23: We have 3 Jelly Bean Vistalite sets in 13/16/22/5x14!!! See them and all of our Vistalite sets HERE.

LUDWIG JELLY BEAN VISTALITE!  We have 4 kits with 18 or 20" bass drums ready and you can see them all on our Reverb store, along with our other Vistalite drums HERE. Two kits are 12/14/18/5x14, one 12/14/20/5x14 and one 12/14/16/20/5x14 (shown below). No one else has Vistalite with 18" and 20" bass drums, and now we have Jelly Bean to boot!



Not one, but TWO original Billy Gladstone snare drums for sale!

1) This is the prototype drum that Billy created before his first two Gladstone snares (which were for Buster Bailey and Shelly Manne). Read about it HERE. See the video HERE

2) An original 7x14 black lacquer. chrome hardware, gut snares. This drum comes to us from the original owner, who purchased it from Billy in 1956. See the details HERE. Video is HERE. Contact Steve for pricing at or by text at 630-865-6849.



Gorgeous pre serial Ludwig Down beat 12/14/20/4x14 black diamond with nickel hardware. All matching dates. Stunning. See it HERE.





 New from Craviotto! Triple strainer snare drums. See the first ones HERE.

My friend Bobby Colomby, drummer and founding member of Blood Sweat & Tears, sent me information about a great new documentary about the band. See information, links and the movie trailer HERE.

2/21/23: RED and GREEN Vistalite and more! As you know, red and green are no longer available, but we ordered a bunch along with many others. They arrive this week! See the list HERE





REVERB UPDATE: See our Reverb items:

Ludwig: See our entire inventory, with many in our unique finishes and our exclusive Vistalite kits with 18 and 20" BDs: HERE.

Gretsch: Drum sets in stock including our exclusive Mardi Gras, Fiesta Pearl, Espresso Burst and Burgundy Sparkle. HERE.

Rogers rare red onyx 9x13, two 16x16, 14x22 with all original heads, stands and pedals! 







- Crazy Trixon 9x13, 9x13, 16x16, 16x16 and elliptical bass drum in custom "jelly bean" finish with Sonor hardware. Contact Steve at and check out the video with my "performance" of  "The William Tell Overture" on this set. Unlike anything you've ever seen, (and not likely to be seen again, thankfully!!). We had some fun with this one as you'll see in the video. HERE.


See my newest update on the Collector Market and the potential for the drum sector. HERE.




IN OUR IL STORE: THE MOST AMAZING ARRAY OF VISTALITE KITS EVER! RED, GREEN, SMOKE, YELLOW, AMBER, BLUE, PINK, CLEAR. A LITTLE SAMPLE PIC BELOW: Many new Ludwig Vistalite kits with 12/14/18 and 12/14/20 are in. Red, Blue, Green, Smoke, Yellow, Pink, Amber, Clear Vistalite. 18" kits $2349. 20" $2499. 5x14 snares $599. Only available from us in these bass drum sizes. 



9/10/22 MAXWELL PRIVATE SALES IN FULL SWING. We are your go-to source for buying and selling the rarest vintage drums. We have Larry Bunker's 60s era Gretsch 12/14/20 with his Ludwig COB pre-serial 5x14 Supra and all of his cymbals and cases from his Bill Evans era. HERE. UPDATE: I also have Larry's Gretsch 50s 3 ply copper mist 12/14/20 that he used with Zoot Sims and others. HERE






8/2/22: Killer video of brand new Ludwig Vistalite 8x12, 14x14, 14x18, 5x14 in bebop and low tuning. Put on some headphones and check this out. The sound of these sets is incredible! These kits with 18" and 20" bass drums are only available through us, and are in stock right now in with 18" BDs in red. $2349 for 12/14/18, plus $599 for optional 5x14 snare. Contact Steve at or by text at 630-865-6849. Ready to ship! See the video HERE.


THE RAREST GRETSCH FINISH EVER! CAMEO CORAL. Direct from the 1950s! This is the only known example and it is mint! And, Gretsch is making an exclusive run for us in this finish. Pre-order now. Contact Steve for all the details.


Huge consignment of kits, snares, cymbals. Sneek peak and details for some of the sets HERE.

7/14/22: Steve's Vintage Marketplace Update. Read it HERE

See our IL Reverb store HERE

THE FIRST LUDWIG DOWNBEAT VISTALITE SET MADE IN 40 YEARS!! Here it is: Clear Vistalite 8x12, 14x14, 14x20 and 5x14 snare (snare en route). Our exclusive Vistalite kits with 18" and 20" bass drums are starting to ship. We have 30 sets coming. See this set and a yellow Vistalite Downbeat during the Chicago Drum Show 5/21 and 5/22and at my Chicagoland shop. This first kit below is not for sale. We're keeping #1 for the collection.




Ludwig. Exclusive Rose Marine Pearl.








SOLD. It's HERE! See my video HERE. Gene Krupa's Billy Gladstone snare drum! Incredibly historic and one of the rarest and most desirable drums in the world. I have the honor of brokering this drum. The drum will be avalable to view by appointment in my Illinois store. Serious inquiries to

And here it is in my office along side Buddy's wood dyna and Louie's wood dyna. Gene, Buddy and Louie together. Drumming royalty!



2/8/22:You want Craviotto Timeless Timber?, most New Old Stock? The finest and rarest? You have come to the right place! Here are 8 and there are more coming! HERE

Incredibly rare Gretsch 50s era 3 ply 12/14/20 in copper mist and owned by a prominent jazz artist. See some pics and a link to my video HERE.

1/28/22: Buddy Rich's Rogers WMP Dynasonic snare drum that he gifted to Irv Kluger. This is truly a historic piece that I once again have the honor of brokering for sale. See photos and a link to my video HERE. 1/28: And, check out this video slideshow with Buddy's Dyna AND Louie Bellson's Dyna, plus a cool back story: HERE.


4/19/22: Gretsch drum sets on order. We have over 30 kits in the queue with many in our special proprietary finishes (Mardi Gras, Espresso Burst, Fiesta Pearl, Burgundy Sparkle, Satin Copper Mist). Gretsch delivery dates are running 6 months or more due to supply chain issues, so we have a large number of kits queued up to arrive throughout the year. You can reserve one by contacting Steve at See the list HERE.















The Billy Gladstone drum set has been sold and now resides in the museum at Percussive Arts Society in Indianapolis, IN in a permanant display. See details and videos HERE


ORDER NOW: Craviotto. I have two others  in the queue, which will be ready in 7 months: 9x13, 16x16, 14x22, 5.5x14 and 8x12, 14x14, 14x20, 5.5x14. Inquire now to reserve one. Buildout is exactly like my personal kit below. Contact Steve at and also see it HERE


SOLD IN 24 HOURS. AND....THE FINEST BY FAR, AND LIKELY THE ONLY SET IN THESE SIZES, COLOR AND CONDITION! Ludwig Oyster Pink Downbeat 8x12, 14x14, 14x20, 4x14 with all stands and pedals. This is the catalog pic. More pics of our kit coming soon, but see the two below the catalog pic which show our set (cymbals not included). This will be a private sale so contact me at if interested.




Craviotto 4x14 birdseye maple from Johnny's personal collection. HERE.

Craviotto's FIRST 4x14 snare drum! HERE.

11/14/21 UPDATE: Truly historic event: - THE GLADSTONE DRUM SET will be permanently on display at the PAS museum in Indianapolis, IN. We brokered this sale and our client graciously donated the set to PAS. The set made its debut at the PASIC convention 11/11-11/13. The PAS display will be enhanced in 2022 to include the first two original Gladstone snares (from Shelley Manne and Buster Bailey) as well as more Gladstone related information. The display will be named for the donors, David and Colette Wood. See Steve's quick video here:

Tuesday 9/28 we unveiled one of the rarest and historic drum sets in the world of vintage drums! It's here: One of only 2 complete Billy Gladstone drum sets. Pristine condition and superb provenance. One of the rarest sets in the world. And: Billy's 1940s era Gretsch Gladstone (gold hardware, gold painted shell, 2 way tuning) snare drum with replica of Billy's original gold drum stand. We will be posting social media updates as well as YouTube blasts. Stay Tuned!!!! Some pics. More coming today. And, see our 15 min video here:




AND: Steve Jordan's rig for the Stones tour. Gretsch 9x13, 14x14, 14x24 and Craviotto Timeless Timber Birch 6.5x14 (600 year old wood).

In Stock:

- Slingerland 40s era Radio King white painted lacquer 9x13, 16x16, 14x28! Mahogany shells!!! HERE.

- See our IL Reverb store for more. HERE.


Sad news: Charlie Watts passes away at age 80. See my tribute to my friend HERE. And see my You Tube tribute HERE.





8/24/21: My good friend Arnie Lang passed away July 5th. See my tribute here.













Lots more new drums below and even more on our Illinois Reverb store HERE.


- In honor of the 5 year anniversary of Johnny Craviotto's passing, we built kit #1000 from 600 year old Timeless Timber birch. Johnny pioneered the solid shell timeless timber drums back in the very early 2000s. Those were snare drums, no sets. Incredibly, Sam Bacco was able to find some 600 year old Timeless Timber birch and was able to craft kit #1000 from this wood. 9x13, 16x16, 16x18, 14x22, 6.5x14. Triple inlays. This set is a milestone in Craviotto history and will soon be in my IL store along side kit #1. We will do a video featuring both of these sets. 









Our exclusive Glacier Blue Ludwig Classic Maple kits are in stock! 12/14/20, 13/16/22 and 12/14/12x18 "Jazzette"size bass drum. Matching snares in stock also.  And we have 3 of our Ludwig Classic Maple Rose Marine pearl kits in 13/16/22/6.5 and 3 sets in 12/14/20/5x14. Purchase with or without the snare. On our Reverb store. HERE.




Louie Bellson's Rogers WMP Drum Set and his wood Dynasonic snare drum! HERE.


The story of the Rogers wood Dynasonic snare drum reissue with pics of the prototypes and the first two drums! HERE.

1/6/21: Chad Crowmwell rejoins Craviotto as Artist and VP, Artist Relations: HERE.

1/3/21: IT'S HERE! Diamond by Craviotto. Proprietary maple ply shell drums designed by Sam Bacco and built in the USA at the Craviotto workshop in Nashville, TN. All details and photos are HERE.

1/3/21: NEW! SHOWROOM HIGHLIGHTS. Starting with Steve's 14 piece Slingerland copper set! HERE.


Ludwig Classic Maple Rose Marine pearl in stock now! See all of our in-stock sets on our Reverb site: HERE.


2/6/21: How about some links to fun videos? Here we go:

Steve playing a Fibes "Double Forte Plus" kit:

Steve playing his Fibes 8x12, 14x14, 12x18 acrylic prototype kit:

Steve playing the Gretsch Catalina Special Edition bop kit:

Incredible Rogers 60s double bass kit 12/13/16 with 14x22 and 14x20 and matching 5x14 Poweretone. HERE.

Steve playing his personal 60s Rogers kit 13/16/16/22/5x14 matching wood Dyna. HERE.

Steve introduces the Maxwell 2-in-1 drum key/hex wrench. HERE

Our podcast where Steve talks about the Fibes Drum Company. HERE.

Steve's podcast talking about the Rogers Drum Company catalogs. HERE.


2/6/21:  HERE IN IL: INCREDIBLE CAMCO OAKLAWN 12/12/16/22/22/5x14 ONE OWNER! All stands and pedals, rare 3D MOIRE!! Just like the catalog kit but ours has two 22s. Pics and video soon!

It's BACK! Our proprietary Rose Marine Pearl! Our exclusive Ludwig finish is available to order now. (Just like the vintage "lavender pearl" that Ludwig used to offer in the 30s and 40s). Stock has been selling fast. Right now I am down to one kit 13/16/22, but we can order one for you. And, we can also do Legacy Maple and Legacy Mahogany! Limited quantities so contact Steve now for pricing (

See the 13/16/22 kit HERE.










7/21/20: MORE AUDIO SLIDESHOWS ADDED TODAY PLUS "STEVE'S SESSIONS" #3 "FINGER CONTROL". OUR PODCAST SERIES IS BACK! LOADS OF NEW EPISODES! For info and link click HERE. These are up on YouTube with video, as well as on audio podcast with Apple, Podbean, Podbay and Spotify. More to come!







See It's BACK! Our proprietary Rose Marine Pearl! Our exclusive Ludwig finish is available to order now. (Just like the vintage "lavender pearl" that Ludwig used to offer in the 30s and 40s). Four Classic Maple were ordered and they sold already. I have more on order as we speak. This finish is available to order in any other standard Classic Maple size. And, we can also do Legacy Maple and Legacy Mahogany! Limited quantities so contact Steve now for pricing and lead times.

See the kit (and see Steve's video) HERE. Contact Steve at and I can help you.


4/11/20: See the banner at left titled Steve's Videos Craviotto. This will cover lots of sets and snares we have had, and will be a great learning tool for different wood types and features such as different bearing edges etc. We'll also do this for Gretsch sets and cool vintage kits so that you can see and hear the differences.Also check out Steve's Video Media Classroom which has lots of past videos about products, vintage gear, past events and "around the shop". It's an archive of fun data for you to view at your leisure.  Also check out Steve's Drum Facts, and Steve's Tuning Tips for more info.


OUR CUSTOM STICKS ARE HERE: STX by Maxwell. "modern wood, vintage roots". The first of this new series is the SMBB. Get info and buy them HERE.


CHICAGO-LAND STORE UPDATE AND PHOTO TOUR: HERE. Steve's Website Status Updates: HERE.  Steve's Travel Schedule: HERE. DW buys Slingerland from Gibson! See Steve's video HERE.
















ALL GRETSCH SNARES AND SETS INCLUDING OUR USA CUSTOM, BROADKASTER, AND BROOKLYN SHELL BANK DRUMS. We have them IN STOCK, OVER 200 DRUMS. NO WAITING 22 WEEKS! See them on our Reverb stores: ILLINOIS: HERE. NYC: HERE. Fork's Drum Closet, Nashville: HERE. We are the largest dealer worldwide of USA-made Gretsch drums!



See the latest on Steve's Drums Facts. We talk about the differences in shells, edges and sound quality of the 50s-70s USA drums. HERE.


NEW! Steve's Video Selections page. HERE.





May 8, 2015: Our Maxwell Drums Nesting Kits reviewed in the June issue of Modern Drummer. Great review! See and buy the kits HERE. Or, call us at 212-730-8138 and place an order for one!  READ THE MODERN DRUMMER MAXWELL NESTING KIT REVIEW HERE.

Latest Videos: Steve demos a wood dyna: HERE. Steve on Louie Bellson's kit: HERE. Steve on WFL vintage kit: HERE. Steve on new Ludwig Legacy Mahogany: HERE. Steve on new Premier bop kit: HERE. Steve on Craviotto Center Stage kit: HERE.

Jan 19th: EXCLUSIVE for us with Ludwig: Rose Marine Pearl!! See it HERE.




Anyone out there wondering if they should buy a Gretsch USA jazz kit? We'll settle that for you. Just click HERE.


9/17/13: Billy Gladstone drum set news!HERE.


VIDEO CHANNEL: See all of our videos  We've got over 130 videos.  

LATEST PRODUCTScymbals, drum setssnaresall items      ALL THINGS GRETSCH: sets, snares  

ALL CRAVIOTTO: Here  VINTAGE & NEW: sets, snares  



3/17/12: Now, Maxwell Drums brings you even MORE custom options for your Craviotto drum set! Click Here:

12/15/11: THIS IS INCREDIBLE! The rarest set I have ever seen! Far more rare than Top Hat and Cane. One of a kind, Leedy Autograph of the Stars over WMP! The only example ever to surface, and it is a 71 YR OLD FULL, COMPLETE KIT FROM THE ORIGINAL OWNER'S FAMILY. UNREAL! Click Here. And now we also have: One of Joe Morello's drum sets. Very cool and lots of history here. Click Here:

11/16/11:  Another First From Craviotto: New lug style bop kit!! Click Here.   

8/23/11: NEW! Craviotto "hybrid bearing edges" are here!! See our exclusive video of this great new innovation from Craviotto: Click Here

NEWS! We have a new Video Program section of our site. It is managed through MaxWeb Productions, which is the video production division of our business. Our website is evolving into a mini media station and the new video section is a big part of the website evolution initiative. We'll have product specific videos, interviews, instructional videos, special interest and more. Check this section out frequently. Updates will be made oftenClick Here.

LATEST PRODUCTS: Click Here  Items are coming in FAST. Lots of vintage up here already, and LOTS more going in daily with some very cool recent additions!

EBAY auctions. Some special deals! Click Here







Please always feel free to call Steve's cell directly at 630-865-6849 ANYTIME at all. We definitely want to communicate with you. The highest quality service is our hallmark, and we take this very seriously. Steve





Craviotto Timeless Timber Birch 6.5x14 2 of 5

Craviotto Timeless Timber SPL birdseye/nickel 6.5x14

Craviotto Timeless Timber NOS 5of5 birdseye/gold 6.5x14

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