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Craviotto Bearing Edge Options

Craviotto Has All The Angles


From left: 45 Degree, 30 Degree, and Baseball Bat Bearing Edges

Craviotto Drum Company, immersed in tradition yet continually innovating, continues to lead the industry by offering drummers and percussionists exciting new bearing edge combinations that yield thrilling new sonic possibilities. 

Because each Craviotto Solid Shell Snare Drum or Craviotto Solid Shell Drumset is built entirely by hand in the USA by our team of artisan craftsmen, we are able to give each project the special attention it deserves. As a result, each Solid Shell instrument is custom made to the exact specifications requested by the customer. 

Perhaps the most important decision, aside from which wood species to use, is which bearing edge to use. The bearing edge greatly affects the sound of your instrument. It’s good to know that the Craviotto Drum Company has all the angles as well as all the answers surrounding which one to use. 

45 Degree Bearing Edges

The 45 degree bearing edge is the standard and most common bearing edge used in drum making today. It is the sharpest edge available and yields the most ring, sustain, and harmonics. The 45 degree edge allows the drum to speak clearly with an almost bell-like quality. Because the edge is sharp, there is minimal head contact with the drum shell. This allows the drum to ring and resonate freely without excess muffling from the drumheads.

30 Degree Bearing Edges (or Vintage Edges)

The 30 degree bearing edge is called the vintage edge because it was commonly used on vintage drums from the 1930’s onward. The 30 degree bearing edge has a rounded-over profile and is thicker than the 45 degree bearing edge. There is more wood on the 30 degree edge. Because of this, there is more drumhead contact with the solid drum shell. As a result, the sound is rounder and more focused. The shell still rings clearly and projection is still uncompromised, but the additional harmonics and excess ring are more contained. Also, the overall resonance is slightly suppressed and punchier. 

Baseball Bat Edges

The Baseball Bat Edge was imagined and developed by Johnny Craviotto, master drum craftsman. The Baseball Bat Edge is totally unique to the custom drum industry. This special edge pays homage to the rounded, fat bearing edges found on vintage American drums. The Baseball Bat Edge offers the punchiest, most articulate sound option. The Baseball Bat Edge is the ideal choice for drummers looking to replicate the warm tom and resonant bass drum sounds associated with the 1960’s. This edge lends itself particularly well to larger drum sizes and speaks beautifully in mid-to-low tuning ranges. A favorite among Craviotto Artists, this is the perfect bearing edge for drummers seeking to attain the sonic benefits from our famous Solid Shell Drums, and inherit the mojo affiliated with classic, vintage American drums. 

Hybrid Edges

Craviotto Drum Company, the forward-thinking frontrunner in the custom drum industry, is excited to offer Hybrid Bearing Edges. Craviotto Drum Company has been experimenting with different bearing edge combinations on the same drum for several years. The results have been astonishing. While any combination is available, we were partial to the Baseball Bat Edge on the top head and the 45 degree bearing edge on the bottom head. This combination gave us a nice warm, round, and fat tone from the Baseball Bat Edge with increased sensitivity and response from the sharper 45 degree bearing edge on the bottom head. This combination has been incredibly popular on snare drums.


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